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Man Enters 10th Year of Searching for Perfect Surface to Apply Band Sticker

HANSON, Mass. – Ten years ago today, after beloved Boston hardcore band Blackjack’s final set, Aaron Noble grabbed a free sticker from the merch table.

A full decade later, he is still seeking the perfect surface upon which to apply it.

“Look, this is the only thing I have left that will let people know I loved Blackjack,” said Noble after 15 minutes of staring blankly at his car’s bumper. “If I put it on something I end up throwing away within the next couple of years, it will be lost forever.”

He added, “I just bought this car. It’s used, but in good shape. I just worry someone might rear-end me because they would freak out after seeing the sticker back there, thinking, ‘Damn! This guy is a Blackjack fan — he knows his shit.’ You know what I mean?”

Noble admits he has changed a lot over the past 10 years, but his struggle to perfectly place the three-inch, die-cut sticker has been one of his few constants.

“Man… it’s weird to think I was straight edge and vegan when I grabbed that sticker. Oh man, I was dating Julie back then. She’s married with a kid now, and I still can’t figure out what to do with a fuckin’ decal,” Noble said. “I should text her a photo of it and see how she’s doing.”


Despite owning many surfaces to which most people would apply a sticker, as of press time Noble remains unsure what he will do, claiming that with each passing day, the sticker just becomes “a bigger deal” to him.

Blackjack’s former frontman, Kevin Horgan, manager of a kiosk specializing in cell phone holders at the Hanover Mall, was surprised to hear about Noble’s dilemma.

“I literally have 2,000 of those stickers in my mom’s basement,” Horgan said in a follow-up interview. “Tell him he can have them all. He just has to pick them up.”

Photo by Jonathan Turk.