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Journalist Who Dreamed of Writing from the Front Lines Willing to Settle for Summarizing SNL Skits for HuffPost

NEW YORK — Journalist Cherie Estrada is finally willing to compromise her dream of covering wars from the frontlines and settle for writing weekly recaps of Saturday Night Live skits for HuffPost, confirmed sources close to Estrada confirmed that reported she sounded kind of sad when she took the job

“I’ve always wanted to do work that mattered,” said Estrada. “Shedding light on the struggles of the oppressed, so I could open up the eyes of people around the world to the atrocities happening on a daily basis, that sort of thing. But I got sacked during a recent media buyout and I could use a little security. If that means waking up on Sunday and describing how Kenan Thompson once again stole the show, or how the host James Brolin gave it his all but ultimately the writing fell flat then so be it. I may not be on the front lines in Ukraine, but I am at the forefront of Please Don’t Destroy criticism, and I’m proud of that.”

In response, members of HuffPost’s staff shared their willingness to work with Estrada.

“We’re always looking for people to cover important cultural zeitgeists like SNL,” said Danielle Belton, Editor-in-Chief for The Huffington Post. “This journalism is integral for our culture and goes above and beyond the usual clickbait that other news outlets publish. But it’s nice that so many of our readers do click those articles! And while they are on the page, maybe they could click on another article. Or maybe you could just click on this little article over here. Come on, just give this one a click. Just a little click, it won’t hurt. Don’t forget to throw us $2 to keep this whole thing afloat.”

“We need this,” added Belton.

However, critics from the journalism community have spoken out against Estrada’s decision.

“Selling out to the lame-stream media is gross,” said Truman Duarte, a self-described gonzo journalist. “Dedicated journalists like me need to do the REAL work of exposing America to the TRUTH. And that’s what I’m trying to do, but no one ever talks to me after they realize I publish everything on Substack. So I usually make up things I think my sources would say if they hadn’t threatened to call the cops on me. But I do THAT in a TRUTHFUL sort of way. Which HuffPost apparently can’t handle, since they ignore all of my pitches.”

As of press time, Estrada was hoping her bosses would take notice of her good work and consider her for a positioning recapping season three of “The Bear.”