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Frontman Screams Ex-band’s Name During Sex

CHICAGO, IL– Following a night of heavy drinking, serial frontman Brody Brooks left his longtime partner feeling angry and insecure after screaming the name of one of his former bands while engaged in the act of love making.

Since he was 15, Brooks has sung in dozens of bands. Today, he fronts an indie power-pop band called Ghostlad. It’s never been a question whether Brooks loves music, but many are outraged at his latest expression of that love – an act some are calling “unfaithful,” “truly shameful,” and “just fucking weird, man.”

The event occurred late Sunday night, according to sources who share a paper-thin apartment wall with the 36-year-old musician. While reaching sexual climax at approximately 12:46 a.m., Brooks allegedly screamed the word “Chariots” over and over, a reference to the grindcore band Chariots of Pestilence that he briefly fronted before settling in with his current band.

Brooks’ girlfriend, Katy Riot was shaken by the incident, saying, “Brody always said music was his first love. He takes it seriously, and I respect that. This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. I just hope it is the last.” She went on, detailing the singer’s habits of belting minor pentatonic scales and song lyrics during sexual relations. “I always thought maybe he liked his old band better,” she added. “And I guess this proves it. Grindcore was way more his style.”


Members of Ghostlad, who have not held a practice since the outburst, are taking the news much harder. “I don’t know if we can continue to play with him, knowing this,” keyboard player, Erik Popov said. “We’re worried that when he’s performing with us, he’s thinking of his old band. We really need some time to just be alone, I guess.”

When asked about the incident, Chariots of Pestilence bassist Julian Cheshire said, “No surprises here. We were the best band Brody’s ever had. It was stupid for him to leave us and I think it’s funny he obviously still thinks about us way more than we think about him. We’ve moved on to a new lead singer and she’s great. That’s right. She. We’re with a woman now.”

Article by Kyle Erf @KyleErf

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