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Enough Talk of Assassinating the President, Real Change Happens by Assassinating at the Local Level

I am so sick of hearing people complain about this administration and their idealistic, unrealistic expectations of assassinating Donald Trump. Does anyone really believe that would solve anything? Change starts from the bottom up. You need to roll up your sleeves and put in the work every day to foster social change in YOUR community. Real change doesn’t happen at the presidential level. Drop the dreams and raise your cross-hairs on local politicians and city council members because real change starts at home.

When was the last time you wrote Donald Trump a letter and got a response? I’ve responded to every one of his daily insane paranoid rambling tweets with a profanity-laden barrage of hate. Have I ever gotten a response? No.

But when I lit my local comptroller’s cat on fire, who showed up? The law. And I got to stand in front of a real judge with a real jury and state real facts. Ground-up activism WORKS.

Take the story of the people of Grandfield, West Virginia. Their mayor was seen shaking hands with a KKK member and local activists had enough. They kidnapped him, held him in a dark basement without food for four days, and then cut his hands off before dumping his bleeding body in front of the hospital. And when they sent those hands in the mail, did they send them to the White House to get lost in the shuffle? No. They sent them to city hall where they got shit done. And then they got arrested but at least this act of protest was NOTICED.

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All I’m saying is that local politicians are easier to connect with and violence committed against them has the capacity for real change. Would I like to shake hands with the president while packed with C4 explosives? Yes. Do I dream of one day beating him to death with a car jack? Of course, we all do. Do I fantasize about which method of execution I will receive? Duh! But these dreams are just that.

Take down the president and there is another stiff waiting to stand in his place. Light your State Senator’s house on fire with them locked inside and you have a recipe for a new tomorrow and a court date for next month.

Let’s start where we can make a difference. Dream global, act local.