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Dom Too Tired To Walk Sub Around House on Leash Tonight

ATLANTA — Local sub Darren Payne was rebuffed by his partner, Anthony Clark, in his request to be bound, gagged, and forced to walk around the apartment on all fours wearing a leash, the ‘just really tired’ dom reported.

“The firm’s just been slammed lately, so I’ve just been completely drained,” Clark reported while half-heartedly spanking Payne. “Nothing turns me on more than when we do our naughty puppy roleplay, I’m not the kiss and tell type, but he rides me like a Harley Davidson and it gets just as loud. Hopefully he wasn’t too disappointed when I suggested we just pop a bottle of wine and catch up on the Bake-Off. It’s kind of like preemptive aftercare, if you will.”

Payne offered his assessment of the situation through a mask with his Sir’s permission to speak.

“I guess I was hoping that since it was Friday, maybe he’d have a bit of a second wind to rawdog the hell out of me, but c’est la vie,” Payne remarked. “Usually he can’t resist the pup mask and jock strap, but work must really be beating down on him, which is supposed to be the job he does for me. Hopefully, this weekend we’ll have time to break out the swing or maybe the two-headed dildo. This dry spell is starting to get to me.”

Associates of the couple were also quick to note the recent change in the couple’s coital habits.

“Yeah from their many unsolicited comments, I take it Darren and Anthony fuck a lot,” noted friend of the couple, Bryan Davis. “They always tell us about whichever new position or toy they are trying. Sometimes they tell us a little too much, I think. But last night, Darren mentioned they hadn’t slept together in a few days. I mentioned I haven’t had sex since prior to the pandemic and he just sort of dropped it.”

At press time, Clark agreed to secure the nipple clamps on Payne if he’d just leave him alone for 20 minutes.