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Did You Miss It? That Was the Moment It Was OK to Talk Gun Control

The moment is over. Poof! Done. Gone. Bang! Actually, scratch that last one. Either way, you just missed your chance to talk about gun control. Faster than emptying a magazine with the help of a bump stock, the moment has passed.

Do you want to talk about legislation at the correct time or do you want to look like the dude who keeps jamming his Peruvian ayahuasca retreat into every conversation? Hey buddy, I love you, but you’re really polarizing this cookout. You may not impress people with your knowledge, but they will definitely see that you know how to bring fun to a grinding halt because you picked the wrong time to talk gun control.

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Look, everybody knows that right after the shooting is not the time to bring up gun control. It’s insensitive to the victims and makes you look like you’re taking advantage of a tragedy. And waiting until the story is out of the news cycle is way too late since it will not make a sizable impact. So when is the right time? Just then. You missed it.

Now it’s too late. If another mass shooting isn’t about to happen in a few moments, you’re really going to look like you’re crying wolf. So better luck next time catching the moment where it is OK to talk gun control, and remember, no matter what you do, it is never OK to talk mental health.