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Dead Family Dog Forever Memorialized in House Wi-Fi Password

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Scott family is paying tribute to Wrigley, their former family dog and long-deceased canine, by keeping his name alive within their house’s Wi-Fi password, teary-eyed sources report.

“Wrigley was a one-of-a-kind dog,” said Eric Scott, father and data analyst. “We adopted him days after our daughter was born, and we sort of got to watch them grow up together. That’s why it’s so important to keep his memory alive through typing in his name, and then a number, and a random symbol whenever we have to reset our phone or something. It’s the least we could do.”

Other family members noted that, even though Wrigley has been gone for some time, keeping his name attached to the Wi-Fi password still conjures up warm memories.

“We used Wrigley’s name when we first got high speed internet and a router back in like, 2009. He was still alive at the time,” said Ann Scott, a sophomore rhetoric major at Purdue. “But now, about seven years after his death, I’m glad my parents never bothered to change the password. I mean, they probably don’t know how, even if they wanted to… but it’s a nice way to honor Wrigley’s time on Earth, and it’s super easy to remember.”

Sources report the Scott family did adopt another dog since Wrigley’s death — however, their new dog’s impact on asset protection is thus far overshadowed by Wrigley’s.

“I think Ann used Spuds’ name as a password for one of her college applications, but Spuds hasn’t quite made it to the password big leagues yet,” said mother Francine Scott. “I came close to using him as the answer to a backup question for my tax software, but I just feel like it’s still a little too soon. We’ll see.”

“Shit, I probably shouldn’t have given out my Wi-Fi password, huh?” Ms. Scott added. “Please don’t freeload off of us — we pay good money for that.”