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30-Year-Old Still Uses Student ID for Discount

MONTEREY, CA – Despite not enrolling in a higher education program in over eight years, 30-year-old college graduate Eric Lewis still regularly uses his college ID in order to get student discounts wherever available.

This means of saving money has been met with much criticism from friends and family, but Lewis believes the criticism is unjust. “This thing really paid for itself — I can’t believe people still think I’m a student. Half-price ticket to the aquarium? Yes, please,” said Lewis, who is still $170,000 in debt due to his inability to hold a job for more than six weeks.

In his eight years since setting foot in a classroom, Lewis has used his expired ID far more than he ever did during his tenure at University of Nebraska – Omaha.

“The trick is to put your thumb over your graduation year when you show them the ID. I mean, between movies, sandwich shops, and campgrounds, this ID is taking me places I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to see otherwise, ” said Lewis as he wandered the aquarium halls by himself.

Lewis enjoying his cheap day at the aquarium.
Lewis enjoying his cheap day at the aquarium.

Lewis, who has been enjoying “having a degree to fall back on” for the majority of his adult life, sees no reason to stop living his lie to get a discounts at local retailers, despite the disdain of those who know him. “We live in a small town. Everyone knows him, and knows that picture on his ID is over 10 years old. He is wearing an 18 Visions shirt in the photo — no current college student has heard that band,” said Lewis’s brother Marshall. “He’s not outsmarting them, they just feel awkward asking. It’s sad.”


Even more alarming to Lewis’s loved ones than his habitual use of his ID card is the strange pride he clearly shows in using it.

“I save, like, $4 a week going to the movies,” Lewis bragged before adding that he often hops between theaters without paying. “It’s honestly my best life-hack. It just sucks that every girl I ask claims she doesn’t like movies, even when I tell them my system,” Lewis sighed. “Whatever.”

Photo by Wave Break Media, Sab Photo, and Mirinda Moriarty @leeloodallas_multipass.