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White Girl with Cornrows Better Be an MMA Fighter or I’m Calling Racism

Okay I am sorry but look at that blonde girl over there with the cornrows. That is highly inappropriate and we haven’t come far enough as Americans for that to be okay. That is cultural appropriation at least and racism at worst. Oh wait, unless she is part of UFC or MMA, then it’s fine.

Either this girl beats on other women for a living or she should undo that hairstyle immediately. Isn’t it bad enough that we have institutionalized racism but then to go and steal an african style that dates back to 3000 b.c.

But then again, she might be one of those roided up fighters Poland or Kyrgyzstan or some other Eastern European country where they don’t have the stigma attached to cornrows that we, as Americans, do.

Her arms don’t look too muscular but some of those MMA women are deceptive. Her neck does look kinda’ muscular. No matter what, I’m not going to risk my own neck and be the one to tell her she can’t wear her hair like that.

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Doesn’t she understand the implications of Cornrows? That civil rights groups have literally had to go to court so proud African-Americans could wear their hair in that style without the fear of getting fired. And yet she flaunts it so freely because she is white. Again, unless she uses that style as part of her fighter persona. Intimidation is basically a third fist in the ring.

This is gentrification of the scalp is what it is! I bet she just came back from some cruise that took her to the Bahamas where she was able to take advantage of the local economy while they shield her eyes from the poverty and everlasting effects of the slave trade on the local population. Or she just got back from an amateur MMA tournament in Bulgaria where, unfortunately, she worked just as hard as her male counterparts but was not taken as seriously. Either way, it’s a shame.