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What It’s Like to Be Diagnosed With Depression More Severe Than Yours

Over 7.5 million people in the U.S are diagnosed with depression. As our world becomes more complicated the issue is only getting worse. If you are a healthy person reading this it is my sincere hope to enlighten you about the pain and suffering someone in your life may be going through right now. And if you’re a depressed person reading this, it is my sincere hope to educate you about how much more intense my depression is than yours.

Don’t call me a hero. Seriously don’t. I’ll just make a self-deprecating remark shrugging it off and it will come off as insulting.

To those who do not have this illness, depression weighs you down and keeps your entire being in a fog. You’ll feel all of the guilt and shame of not fulfilling your obligations, but with none of the energy or emotional stamina to get out of bed. To those of you who do have depression, just be glad it’s not as bad as mine. That’s real pain, friend.

I’m know that being depressed isn’t like a competition. I just want it to be known that if it were a competition, I would be fucking crushing it.

Some people confuse depression with “feeling blue.” Here’s the difference. General sadness is a neurotypical emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. Depression is a chemical imbalance caused by biological and environmental factors and is often unpredictable and severe enough to cause a loss of employment, friendships and significant other.

Not that I ever had any of those things in the first place, because I am a legit, O.G, on the real sad boy, not some weepy little poser like you. Oh you think you’re hot shit because of your self inflicted scars? I don’t even have the energy to cut myself. Check and mate. Pretty sure I’m winning the sad contest. Again, I know, not a contest. I’m winning though.

In fact, I am so severely depressed I couldn’t even find the motivation to type this. I’m currently in bed watching a “Sopranos” marathon, speaking this as my personal assistant types it up.

If there is someone in your life suffering from depression you need to know that they can’t just “snap out of it.” Just have compassion and let them know you are there for them. And if you are that depressed person, buck the fuck up. A lot of people are way more depressed than you and I’m one of them and I find the level of attention you are getting threatening. Watch your step.

Some might say I’ve “lived a privileged life” that’s kept me “so sheltered that” I’m “completely unaware of the struggles that people actually diagnosed with depression have.” Well, not everyone is healthy enough to go see a doctor and get diagnosed, OK dipshit?