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What Being an Empath Taught Me About Avoiding Poor People at All Costs

An empath, as I explain to every single person I meet, is a person who is extraordinarily sensitive to the feelings of those around them. Empaths like myself actually feel the emotions of the people around us! It’s an incredibly special gift that teaches me new things every day. Specifically, it teaches me to avoid people who can’t financially afford to be happy.

Being poor causes a person to have a lot of stress and problems in their life and, being an empath, I can’t afford to let that shit anywhere near me! That may sound cold to you but trust me, I feel so much more than other people feel. It’s a blessing and a curse.

This morning I was walking to yoga class and spotted a homeless pregnant woman begging for money half a block ahead. As a benevolent and generous soul, I would have loved nothing more than to give a life changing amount of money to this woman, which I could easily spare. Sadly, my gift makes this impossible. As an empath, if I were to come within 10 feet of this woman I would experience suffering and loss so great that I would be immediately driven insane. I had no choice but to run home and call the police.

As an empath, I face these tough situations every time I leave the house. Don’t feel bad for me though. I don’t need those negative vibes in my atmosphere.

It even affects my relationship with my family! I love my sister more than anyone in the world but when she lost her job last Christmas I had to delete her from my phone. Plus, three years ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and I couldn’t even visit him because if I had then I would feel what it’s like to have cancer. Can you imagine not being able to visit your sick father? It wasn’t until he was in remission and wanted to treat the family a Hawaii vacation that I was able to see him again.

I don’t avoid people with real life problems because I’m cold or uncaring, it’s the exact opposite! I feel the emotions of everyone around me, often times more intensely then they themselves are feeling them. Sorry poor people, but there’s no sense in us both feeling shitty!

You wouldn’t hang out with people who had the flu if you had a compromised immune system, right? Well, that’s how I am with people who aren’t healthy and have no money to burn.