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We Sat Down With the Members of Staind or Maybe Disturbed, One of Those

Feeling nostalgic for Nu metal? According to our analytics team, you are for some reason! That’s why we told our people to reach out and book an interview with the most prominent Nu metal act they could right away, and that’s exactly what they did!

Unfortunately some wires got crossed, some emails got lost in the shuffle, long story short by the time the band showed up we didn’t know which band they actually were. We tried to suss it out during the interview, but the results were inconclusive.

We’re pretty sure we’ve narrowed it down to either Staind or Disturbed. Anyway, we had a great interview with whoever, super insightful, check it out:

Hard Times: Thank’s a lot for coming to talk with us today, we’re all huge fans here. Let me just go ahead and throw this out there, Korn?

Frontman: Uh… yeah we all dig Korn man.

Drummer: Yeah we toured with them a few times. Solid guys.

Hard Times: Right. Yeah. Cause, you know, you’re not them but you’ve worked with them. OK, cool cool cool. So, Nu metal bands were known for some pretty deliberate style choices. How would you best describe the fashion of your band back in the day?

Frontman: Black. Lot’s of black.

Guitarist: Lot’s of decorative chains. Sometimes some make-up.

Frontman: Black make-up.

Hard Times: Yup, Ok that all tracks. Hmmm. Let’s talk about the name of your band. How did you come up with… it?

Frontman: It’s funny, we don’t even remember who pitched it? It was like a placeholder name early on and it just kinda stuck.

Hard Times: Right. So,  I overheard you guys talking about an upcoming tour before we started, would you say that… It’s Been a While?

Frontman: Yeah it’s been a little bit.

Guitarist: We all have families now, we took some time to just focus on that, but we’re ready to hit the road again.

Hard Times: I’m gonna mark that as a maybe.

Frontman: What?

Hard Times: Nothing. Sorry, I’m a little off my game today. I think I’m… coming down with a sickness. What about you guys? Are you… Down with the Sickness?

Frontman: Yeah I’m kinda getting over a throat thing myself. Just that time of year I guess.

Hard Times: Hm. Well, my job is to interview you guys. You might say I’m going to cut your life… Into pieces!

Frontman: That’s not our song.

Guitarist: That’s Papa Roach.

Hard Times: Yeah! I know that! That’s just… something I say to everybody. Wait! Earlier, before, you said your name just stuck! Like, stuck in a Puddle of Mudd?!

Guitarist: Do you fucking think we’re Puddle of Mudd?

Hard Times: No! No of course I don’t think that! I know exactly who you are!

Frontman: Ok so we’re just gonna go.

Hard Times: Right, yeah, you must be super busy. Well anyway thanks for the interview… you guys.

Bassist: We’re Trapt.

Hard Times: No, exits right down the hall to the left.

We never did find out if those dudes were Mudvayne or Hoobastank or what but they were super nice given the circumstances. Just go see whatever one of those bands shows up in your tertiary market and maybe it will be them.

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