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We Read “A Confederacy of Dunces” … That’s It, We Just Want Everyone to Know We Read It

Hey, we just wanted you to know that we just finished reading “Confederacy Of Dunces.” I updated it to “Read” on my GoodReads account but I wasn’t sure if you were on it. Man, what a book, what a journey! And we took that journey and now “Confederacy Of Dunces” is sitting on our coffee table begging for someone to ask if we read it. Which we did.

Have you read it? Oh you haven’t? You haven’t read one of the greatest American novels ever written? Honestly, I just kinda’ feel sorry for you. Playing on your phone all day or watching whatever garbage Netflix tells you to watch. You poor, lost soul trapped in the confines of so called “modern convenience.” Oh fortuna! That’s from the book. It’s good and much smarter than Netflix also.

Unless Netflix makes a film of “Confederacy Of Dunces,” which we just read.

It takes the average reader eight hours and fifteen minutes to read “Confederacy Of Dunces” but we probably read it faster than that because we understood it. Did you know the author killed himself before it was ever published? Talk about a tortured soul.

There is so much gritty realism, it reminded us of another book we have also read. “Infinite Jest.” But it’s like, different, you know. Well you don’t know because you didn’t read it and we did. And we definitely put this on a list of books that we have read.

What was it about? Well, like this guy, Ignatius, who is kinda’ not really likeable but he’s like an anti-hero. Dare I use the word picaresque. Because it is very picaresque. It takes place in New Orleans. You ever been there? We have! What a town. It is a perfect setting for Ignatius’ various exploits.

Next up is “Ulysses” by James Joyce. Have you read that one? Oh, you have? Ok well how about “Gravity’s Rainbow?” No? Next up is “Gravity’s Rainbow.”