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We Ranked Every Rocky Movie And Black Flag Album, But The Girl From Bumble Is Still Saying “Tell Me About Yourself” For Some Reason

Technology and social media makes it easier than ever to “connect” with people, but alas it would seem that conversation is a lost art yo. I recently matched with a woman I was interested in on Bumble and after she gave me some basic information (age, family background, political views, goals, general philosophy towards life), I decided to open up. I decided to skip all the petty bullshit and get to the meat: my personal ranking of all 8 Rocky movies.

Her Reply: “So tell me about yourself.”

Is she a bot? Is this what catfishing is? What the hell does she mean “tell me about yourself?” I already told you: Rocky 2, Rocky, Creed, Rocky 4, Rocky 3, Creed 2, Rocky Balboa, Rocky 5. Maybe try telling ME something! Pretty much all this girl has given me is pictures of her cat, her hopes and aspirations, and a story about saving her family from a fire when she was 9 that she says defines her. It’s called give-take lady, throw me something to keep the conversation moving!

I don’t even know her favorite Rocky movie! Frankly, if it is 5, then this isn’t something I want to pour my energies into pursuing anyway.

She did look really cute in her photos and we were both fans of pizza, so I decided to shoot my shot. If this girl wanted to get to know me, the real me, I was gonna lay it on her. I started ranking the Black Flag Albums.

There are decisions in that ranking I wouldn’t want to share with my own mother. Let’s just say “What The…” was embarrassingly high. I didn’t care. I wanted her to know. I ranked and I ranked, and I even wound up discovering things about myself. I appreciate Mike Vallely, I can admit that now. I was actually proud of myself. I couldn’t remember the last time I let myself open up like that for anyone.

What do I get for my efforts? “Wow, you really like the blackflag, lol, tell me about yourself.”

I hope she isn’t this cold and distant with her grandmother with cancer she visits twice a week, because she basically just “lol’d” at my soul in text form. Xtina, if you’re reading this, do yourself a favor: Stop working so hard trying to fulfill your lifelong dream of opening a coffee chain that raises money to help elephants and let somebody in!