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Too Soon? Coronavirus Is Getting a Funko Pop

Noted pop culture collectible company Funko will be expanding their line of vinyl figures with their latest release, Coronavirus. But isn’t it a little too soon? Personally, this feels a bit rushed but the company themselves weighed in on social media.

“Inclusion and diversity in our product lines are key at Funko,” said enthusiastic CEO Charles Rank via the company’s official Facebook page. “We are very excited for this launch and are hoping fans enjoy this awesome addition to their collections.”

Some feel that the addition is a bit too soon and in poor taste.

“In the beginning stages of a pandemic, it’s a poor decision to make money off anthropomorphizing a disease that continues to take lives,” said Sophia Johnson in a comment on the post. “At least wait until the height of the death toll. You’ll sell way more when people finally start taking this thing seriously.”

The company clarified that they were receptive to the feedback and would be postponing the toy line until they can be certain this pandemic claims an acceptable amount of lives to clear their overhead.


To preempt the release, the CDC and WHO have both issued warnings about the figures, stating they should maintain a distance of six feet from other figures on your shelf and that any figures that come in contact with the virus should self-isolate for 14 days.

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