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Too Much Inside Bad? Brain All Dumb Now

We all know important science adults say we need be inside. We all know be inside help no get sick, ‘specially help cranky old mommies and daddies. Many have idea we let economy outside as trade for eleventy thousand grampas and grandmas dead, but other people from school say that evil and bad. Hownever, have we done thought bad things happen when everybody inside too much time? Did science people forget brain get sick too when tell everybody “outside bad”?

Personallike, I’ve no been having good easy fun time during stay inside. First few days, okee dokee. No feel no different. Still have tv. Claystation still play the game. But after many day, fun things now boring. Even think read book maybe, but too hard.

Me think brain no work good no more. Me no brain science man, but know how head normal think, and head no normal think now. Head actually think real bad. Can barely remember how turn on Spongebob. When try write article for job, only big dumb dumb sentence come out of head to fingers. Luckylike, tv typing box do good job fix mistakes, but me scared soon bossman no pay if can’t write good.

In end only time tattle tell what good and what bad. Me hopes inside time-out no go too long. We all much excite to go back work or school or play jungle gym. It not easy not get play outside, but America gots to no catch icky-sicky-19 even if cost brain goodness.

Smart brain history man say “Give me liberty or give me death.” He make words good and words that is good are being important today as words good then I think. I have gun now, go protest?