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This Quarantined Couple Made a Sock Puppet Version of Jaws Instead of Acknowledging Issues With Their Relationship

Quarantine is hard on relationships. Long term confinement, boredom, and lack of privacy have become major concerns for couples. Resentment can rise high in these conditions and countries that have begun lifting quarantine are already seeing an increased divorce rate. But one internet couple is having a ton of fun avoiding the inevitable.

Tom and Sue McHenry have started making a shot for shot recreation of the film Jaws using sock puppets instead of admitting to themselves “It’s over.”

We reached out to the McHenry’s about the film they have been releasing in 10-minute chunks on youtube twice a week instead of communicating in any meaningful way. Tom walked us through the show’s origins.

“We were sitting there on the couch not acknowledging the fact that we hadn’t made love in 2 months and I guess in an attempt to say something, anything to break that silence, my brain made my mouth say ‘sock puppet Jaws.’ And she said ‘OK.’ I was so excited to have a project to focus on and, honestly, it was nice to hear her voice again.”

In addition to giving the McHenrys something to focus on other than wondering “Where the hell did we go so wrong?” Sue explained how the production has made them both more creative and resourceful.

“I’ll see a wrapper he left on the counter when he easily could have just thrown it away and my first thought is ‘I could kill him. He doesn’t care about anything. I could actually kill him.’ But now my next thought is “Hey, I could make Hooper’s hat out of that wrapper!”

Tom has become quite the props master himself.

“It’s crazy how fast your mind starts repurposing everything. Like this novelty stuffed donut I won for her in a claw machine on our first date. It used to be a sentimental keepsake, but now it’s the Kipner boy’s floaty tube!”

Sue went on to explain how grateful they are for the project’s viral success.

“I couldn’t be happier with the response to the show. All of the comments have been really supportive and questions like ‘Can we ever really make each other happy again?’ have been pushed deep down into my subconscious. I’m talkin’ in the basement.”

Though the McHenry’s wouldn’t comment on plans for any future sock puppet movies, Tom did offer up what could be a teaser for things to come:

“You ever looked into the eyes of someone who’s mad at you for masturbating? They’re black. Like a doll’s eyes.”