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The Top 5 Donovan Songs That Start Playing the Second Your Pupils Dilate

Congratulations on your decision to try hallucinogenic drugs! Now that you’ve dropped your bean, things are about to get pretty weird. You will soon lose your sense of time and space, experience ego death/apotheosis, and most notably start hearing a song from ’60s counter-culture icon Donovan.

Maybe it will start diagenetically — say from a friend’s phone or passing car — or maybe it will just start playing as if from nowhere and everywhere at once like in a movie. Either way, it will become all-encompassing as you embark on a kaleidoscopic montage of cosmic dreamscapes. Here are the 5 songs you can most likely expect.

Sunshine Superman
Looks like you scored the good stuff. Suddenly you are main-lining the secret truths of the universe and everything is a technicolor cartoon. Someone around you might morph into a snake but don’t worry, the snake will soon morph into a psychedelic wizard. Follow the wizard into the psychedelic forest and have a ball.

Hurdy Gurdy Man
Oh boy, hang on tight. If this is the Donavan song that starts playing as soon as the acid kicks in there’s a good chance you’ve bitten off a little more than you can chew. If you start having Vietnam flashbacks, try to remember you weren’t actually there.

The bad news is, whatever you took was cut with a shit ton of amphetamine. The good news is you are now the king of dance! Or maybe you just think you are? You honestly don’t care. Things are going to get fucking WILD!

Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Woah, you got shrooms?! Those are like impossible to get right now with all the festivals being canceled! You got any more?

Mellow Yellow
If you start hearing this song it means someone sold you some fake shit. Better luck next time, poser.