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The Next Health Guru? This Man Turns Into a Diet and Fitness Expert Every Time He Sees an Article About Lizzo on Facebook

Throw away those workout DVDs, cancel your Weight Watchers membership, and unfollow your favorite fitness influencer on TikTok because there’s a hot new health expert redefining what we know about wellness!

Tim Rogers, 43, of Kenosha Wisconsin has been spreading his vast knowledge of health and fitness to engaged listeners for the past year. He provides his sage wisdom not in a gym or classroom, but exclusively in the comment sections below articles about singer/rapper Lizzo he sees on Facebook.

“Really not healthy looking like that,” commented Rogers below an interview where Lizzo described what she eats on tour. “She should lose some weight to be a better performer and set a good example for our kids.” Not only is Rogers a health expert, he’s also looking out for the next generation!

Rogers doesn’t exclusively impart his knowledge in the comments below Lizzo articles on her food preferences; he’s also sure to speak up when he sees other newsworthy events featuring the “About Damn Time” songstress.

“She should eat a vegetable,” commented Rogers on a recent Chicago Times review of a Lizzo concert in the area. “She should do more cardio,” said the expert in the comments below a USA Today article on the Grammy-winner’s appearance on The Simpsons. “Fat,” Rogers simply added below a review of Lizzo’s Netflix show, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. Imagine being able to say so much with so little!

As for how he amassed his comprehensive knowledge of health and fitness, Rogers is quick to share that he “played hockey in high school and probably would have gone pro if [he] didn’t have shin splints” and “tried Keto for a month or two during the pandemic but it wasn’t for [him].” Talk about pulling from real-world experiences!

As for Lizzo’s opinion of Rogers, our request for comment was declined. Her agent informed us she was in the middle of a tour which features vegan catering and a nightly uninterrupted two-hour performance of singing, rapping, choreographed aerobic dancing, numerous costume changes, and a “flute solo while doing the splits.”