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The Best Mindfulness Apps You’ll Delete to Make Room for Tinder Again

Mindfulness is everywhere! From Instagram celebs to that friend whose Medium page you keep lying about reading, it seems like no-one will shut up about this thing. The Hard Times is not one to buck a trend so we took it upon ourselves to scour the web for the best mindfulness apps that you’ll end up deleting to make room for Tinder again.

Headspace – Probably the best known mindfulness app on the market, Headspace offers an array of features from basic meditation courses to advanced courses tailored to specific aspects of your life. Wow! They sure did put a lot of work into something you’re just going to delete the moment you realize you don’t have a date to your cousin’s wedding this fall.

Calm – This dead-app-walking was our personal favorite until we got mildly horny. Not only does it feature a lush soundtrack of nature sounds, the way the blue app icon shakes when you go to delete it almost looks like waves as if to symbolize the rough seas ahead. So serene!

Aura – Aura was an app first recommended years ago by our ex. Speaking of which, let’s see what they’ve been up to on Instagram. Engagement photos!? We only broke up like three years ago! Rebound much? I wonder what Tinder Plus costs these days.

Simple Habit – The point of this app is to offer stress release for busy people, which made us know right off the bat that it wasn’t for us. We’re more “gettin’ busy” people if you catch our draft. For real, you’ll wanna re-download this one to manage your incoming horde of Tinder dates.

Alright that’s all for now. We were gonna review a couple more apps but this person on Tinder just said they’re totally DTF, they just needs us to Venmo them some cash to get an Uber. Things are looking up!