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Self-Care? This Woman Takes Three Excedrin Before Drinking

There’s a misconception that self-care only applies to wealthy people who can afford spa treatments and luxury vacations. When, in reality, it’s also available to destitute borderline alcoholics like this woman, who is changing the self-care game with her proactive solutions!

Self-care tends to take place in the aftermath of a stressful event, but not for this woman. She finds that taking action before disaster strikes is a much more effective means of optimizing self-care, which is why she’s washing a handful of Excedrin down with this Moscow Mule before she blacks out.

The trick is making small but meaningful gestures for yourself, like stocking up on Pedialyte before a night out or packing a few Adderall in your purse to help you sober up for that long drive home. Whether you’re having a few after-work cocktails with friends or are just stuck in an unbreakable cycle of binge drinking, taking a massive dose of acetaminophen to cushion the blow of your hangover is a true act of self-care, even if the warning label on the back of the bottle says it may increase your risk of developing stomach ulcers.

Follow her lead and you’ll thank yourself the next morning when you wake up headache-free on a bartender’s partially deflated air mattress. Not dealing with a debilitating migraine frees up the nervous system to focus on more pressing issues like, “Where did I park my car?” and “What day is it?” Personally, when the shame spiral starts to go into full effect, I like to treat myself to a self-love bloody Mary followed by an emotional-support Ambien, but feel free to mix and match based on your own self-care regimen.