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Red Flag? My Doctor Does Unboxing Videos

I’m usually a pretty laid-back guy and take things as they come, but it’s tough putting trust in my new Otolaryngologist. While I was doing my due diligence looking up their credentials online I discovered a treasure trove of strange unboxing videos from a YouTuber named “EarNoseThroatGoat.” It turns out that the guy who is about to do my biopsy, Dr. Hanson, has a small following doing this niche content. That’s gotta be a red flag, right?

I get that some people need a side hustle to make a little extra cash or some folks want to try their hand at content creation as a fun hobby, but the fact that a supposed healthcare professional who I’m entrusting with invasive procedures spends his time filming hundreds of YouTube videos unboxing random shit instead of spending more of his time, I dunno, healing people, makes me nervous.

Perhaps if he were reviewing stuff related to the medical field like first aid kits or defibrillators I would feel a bit more comfortable, instead of the numerous videos he has unboxing everything from European BDSM gear, to sneakers he ranks based on their “stealthiness.” Who is he trying to sneak up on? He even has one video where he opens a bunch of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and his genuine excitement for the product makes me wonder if he ever actually attended medical school.

Okay fine, maybe unboxing videos on their own isn’t that weird and I’m just stressing myself out for no good reason. But then what about all these ASMR videos I also discovered where he’s dressed up like a cat, sipping milk slowly from a saucer? I’m not here to kink shame anyone, but this is the last thing I need to see before I go in for my stapedectomy.

Maybe I’m being a prude and should just trust this guy to do his job. After all, it’s gotta be possible for doctors to have unique interests outside of their chosen fields. Who cares if those interests involve them unboxing pleasure whips from Estonia, or making whisper porn videos of them purring like an exotic shorthair. The important thing is that they’re professional and know how to operate the giant probes they are going to use to enter me while I’m unconscious.

On second thought, maybe some calming ASMR videos might be just what the doctor ordered before I pass out from fear.