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Pretty Annoying: My College Professor Won’t Stop Lecturing Me


My calculus professor refuses to stop lecturing me. Whether it’s in class, lab, or even a variety of private office hours this guy just won’t stop lecturing me.

It’s time for this know-it-all to sit down, shut up, and learn a thing or two.

Whether it’s the topic at hand, something going on around campus, or general life advice, this fucking blowhard just won’t stop spouting his views. He talks the majority of each class and requires people to only speak “when called upon.”


I don’t even know if I need to include this after that description of how he acts, but yeah, he’s a white male.

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I may be a freshman here but I actually signed up to teach three classes next semester. My professors don’t know it yet (according to the school’s archaic enrollment system I am technically listed as a student) but when we show up to shut. This. Thing. Down. They’ll know who I am. Oh, yeah, they will.

Get ready to sit down, shut up, and learn a fucking thing or two Mr. Professor. Is it really that hard for you to accept that I am here to educate you? Can you not for one second just accept some new ideas, or are you too cemented into your way of thinking to bother listening to me? Why did you even come to class if you didn’t want to learn?

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Article by Hard Style Staff @REALpunknews