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Pray for My Son: His Desert Island Band Is Linkin Park

I hate to go on the internet and ask for things, but right now my family could use all the support we can get. If you can find it in your hearts to pray for my little Kyle during this painful time for our family it would be greatly appreciated. Last night my son revealed the most painful news a father can hear:

His desert island band is Linkin Park.

I never saw this coming. I tried my best to protect him from Linkin Park. I had no idea he even liked rap-rock, and now THIS?

What a shock it was to send my 12-year-old son off to school on Friday morning only to have him come home with the news that if he were ever stranded on a desert island and could only listen to one band for ETERNITY it would be Linkin Park. It’s bad enough he would choose a nu-metal band, but a nu-metal band that never went away and now dabbles in dub-step/electro-pop bullshit?

How could my son be so misguided?

When I heard, “One Step Closer” blaring from his room last week I thought he was just ironically singing along as a joke. But this is no joke, he legitimately likes Linkin Park’s whole discography!

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I promise we aren’t bad people. We’ve always tried to raise Kyle to be a good person with good taste. But, he’s not just dabbling in Linkin Park, it’s starting to consume his entire identity. Last night I caught him watching anime while Googling, “hoop earrings.” 

This is a crisis for my family so please if you can send thoughts or prayers we’d greatly appreciate them. We need to stop this before an order from JYNCO shows up on my front porch.