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Opinion: I Don’t Know Why I’m Getting so Much Pushback Here but Make Another Gorillaz Album #MAGA

I don’t understand what happened to this country. Since when did celebrating the greatest British musical import since The Beatles become a crime? How does the desire to see more work from the most innovative experiment in pop music of all time make me an “asshole,” a “monster,” or a “racist?”

I don’t know why this has become so polarizing and frankly I don’t care. I’m sticking to my guns! Make Another Gorillaz Album. #Maga!

I am not a fascist! All I’m saying is I would like to see a return to the style of “Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry.” I’m talking “Kids With Guns.” I’m talking “White Light.” I’m talking #MAGA!

Admittedly when I started this campaign I had no idea it would cost me so much. Everywhere I go, someone will look at my MAGA hat or MAGA shirt and fly into a rage for some reason. My boss told me I need to “tone down the politics in the office,” whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. My own sister wrote me a letter, an actual handwritten letter in the mail, to tell me how disappointed she was with this “radical shift” in my views. What fucking shift? I’ve always been a Gorillaz fan!

Anytime I post #MAGA on the internet, even in a Gorillaz fan group, I am met with a backlash I cannot begin to comprehend. How the hell is the Gorillaz subreddit “not the place for this bullshit guy”? How does believing that Damon Albarn and his multi talented collaborators have at least one more great record left in them mean that I “don’t care about the earth” and “hate immigrants?”

And trying to meet these fuckers half way has not worked at all! I’m not crazy. I know damned well the band peaked with “Demon Days.” But when I try to explain how all I want to see is a return to the old ways of doing things, I get trolled even harder! Seriously, what’s with all the “OK Boomer” memes? I’m 32!

This is just like the time I thought it would be innovative if Incubus and Nine Inch Nails Collaborated on an EP with Lamb of God (#INCELRevolution).