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My Mission Won’t End Until We Stop Systemic Injustice or I Sort of Just Lose Interest in It

As a privileged member of society, I have the opportunity to leverage that privilege for the good of others. That’s why my battle against the agents of oppression must continue until my dying breath. Or at least until I’m just not really feeling it anymore and I take up, I don’t know, homebrew or something less exhausting.

This struggle doesn’t stop at the keyboard, though. No, it will spill out into the streets running red with the blood of the corrupt. Just not this weekend, Against Me! is at the Fillmore and I’m gonna need a few days to recover.

May this also serve as a call to action for those like me. Remember, there is never an excuse for us to stand on the sidelines while the wheels of inequality turn. Unless you maybe had a really long meeting at the office and feel super tired afterwards. Honestly, it’s probably better to sleep it off than harm the movement by being cranky the whole time, I always say.

So fear not, my underrepresented brothers and sisters! I hear you and promise that I will fight on your behalf every moment I walk this Earth, so long as I’m not taking a maintenance day, or week, to recharge my fascism-crushing batteries or just hang on the couch with some Disney+, you know?

So let me make this clear. I hereby vow to you that I will:

Speak out against public displays of racism, assuming it’s not at a bar or somewhere too loud where it’d be kind of hard to hear.

Support women both inside and outside the workplace. But don’t forget, ladies, we’re on the same team. I’m already an ally so no need to look too deep into my social media.

Champion the rights of non-cis persons everywhere. Unless I’m talking to old people because they just don’t get it. Why waste our precious energy attempting to change minds when we can make snarky comments, right?

I say it now for the whole world to hear: give me victory or give me death… or give me a new, trendy hobby. I think adult kickball starts next week.