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My Grandfather Died Peacefully in His Sleep. Here’s Why I Think the Far Left is Responsible

My grandpa was one of the coolest, wisest people I’ve even known. He didn’t suffer fools lightly and always taught me to question everything. Also we both loved the Muppets. But all good things must come to an end, and after 91 years he peacefully passed away in his sleep surrounded by our family.

I’m calling bullshit. Yeah, it’s a small miracle he lived that long but something’s not adding up and I think he had at least another month or two in him. And after doing meticulous research, all signs point to the radical left being responsible for his death.

Vaxxed and Whacked
Curious how when he died he was conveniently up to date on all of his vaccinations. Do we even know what kind of side effects 70 years of innoculations do to the human body? He was probably more nanobot than man when he passed! And did anyone notice Anthony Fauchi was in town for a conference the week Grandpa died? Interesting.

The Man Who Knew too Much
He worked as a well respected journalist for over three decades before he retired. He reported on everything from the Kennedy assassination to Watergate to the Iran Contra scandal. He likely knew too much about the Clintons and Pizzagate, so Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez needed him silenced. What better way to off him than while in hospice like a cunning mastermind?

Murder by Death
He could very well be a victim of the left’s population control scheme. Think about it, what better way to increase the strength of the contingency of young leftist Gen Z radicals than by executing a nonagenarian on Medicaid? I’m sure their secret death panel deemed him unfit for society, and were sending those fatal radio signals through his white noise machine. Thanks Obama.

It Be Your Own People
All signs point to being murdered by the left as part of a false flag conspiracy. He was a registered Democrat and vehemently anti-racist his entire life, so it would make sense that they’d kill one of their own and make it look like it was natural causes! And as my family blames his failing health, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and a family history of heart disease, the Biden crime family walks free.

I won’t rest until everyone knows the truth behind my grandfather’s death, even though my family banned me from his funeral and all future holiday gatherings. RIP old timer, you would’ve loved seeing Hunter Biden behind bars probably.