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Model Grandson: To Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus, I Haven’t Visited My Grandmother’s Nursing Home in 3 Years

As a relatively young and healthy person, I’m appalled by the cavalier attitudes of my peers who are not taking Coronavirus prevention seriously. Just because you are safe from its most harmful effects does not mean that others aren’t at major risk. People in your life right now like your coworkers, teachers, and even your family. That’s right. What about your grandparents? Surely, you care about keeping them healthy and safe! That’s why, as a model grandson, I have not visited my grandmothers nursing home in three years.

Do you see that, fellow millennials? That’s called dedication. That’s called making personal sacrifices for the greater good. That’s called long term commitment. That’s why I have refused to step foot in that cold, disorienting place for years all for the goal of coronavirus prevention.

I love you, grammy. I hope my absence fills your heart with joy and not with whatever stuff goes in hearts that makes them attack you.

Sure, some of you may feel like you’re “doing your part” by only visiting your grandparent’s nursing home once a year, but I say it’s all or nothing. Illness doesn’t care how infrequently you visit the lonely, dying people who are the entire reason for your existence. All it takes is one visit, one hug, one kiss. Fortunately, my grammy doesn’t have to worry about any of that. Because I’m not out infecting people. I’m responsibly staying in my apartment smoking weed and watching wrestling. Just like I have been for the past 3 years.

So go ahead and risk the lives of the wisest and most vulnerable people around us just so you can have your cheap thrills like sitting in a nursing home dining hall where the food is way overpriced and service is terrible, yet they still act like you’re the asshole for being there. Keep on taking chances with the lives of our loved ones just so you can selfishly take family photos that we all know you only took for the Facebook likes. People like you make me sick. Literally. Don’t worry though, I’m sure I’ll get over it. But you know who won’t? Our grandparents.

I hope you all take heed to these words. Personally, I’ve been preventing giving my grandmother coronavirus for the past three years and, with any luck, we can keep this streak going to four.