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Is This Guy My Friend or Were We Just Drunk in the Same Location During Formative Years?

Whoa, what a night. Always good to catch up with the old crew when I’m back in town. Glad we could all get together for an event without getting completely wrecked. We must finally be maturing. Jonesy was weird though. Weird and standoffish. I wonder what got into him. He wasn’t always like that, at least from what I remember.

Come to think of it, we do only see each other once a year now, and every time is drinking at a concert, drinking at a bachelor party, drinking at bars. And without a TV actively showing sports, conversation can get a bit rough. Matter of fact, have I ever hung out with Jonesy sober? He didn’t even remember my wife’s name. Why couldn’t he make it to the wedding again? Something about a once in lifetime comedy cruise deal? Does he know anything about me? Hold up, is this guy an asshole?

Maybe we’re just going through a rough patch. That’s natural among good buddies right? But why did he have to bring up that time I got too high and cried at the tree scene in Avatar 3D? It’s been years and I had almost lived that down. That was kind of obnoxious. Was he always like this? Surely not. And he wouldn’t shut up about his kids and podcasts about “stoned ape theory.” We had so much in common when we used to drink Four Loco in his parents’ garage, and we used to go to all those house parties together, and we were really tight in college when we used to go out to Tequila Tuesdays at the Lizard Lounge.

We did have some good times though. I mean, the guy’s a staple of my formative years. Remember when I got so smashed and he just dropped me off on my front doorstep? Man, my parents were pissed. Or when I left town and he got everyone to call me Shitty Slicker when I came back for Christmas? Or back in the day when we got caught smoking that J and he ran and left me to deal with the cops? What a hilari—wait a minute? Is this guy really my friend? Or was he the only guy who liked to get drunk and listen to the same bands as me?