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Is the US Going to Fall in the Next 50 Years? Place Bets Now and Earn up to $200 in Bonus Bets With DraftKings!

Are you supportive of the current path the United States is on? Do you despise the way the country is being run and feel like it’s going to lead to the collapse of the once-great superpower? Or are you just a degenerate gambler in need of a bigger fix? Well, now you can put your money where your political leanings are and bet on the success or failure of America with DraftKings!

Gambling in itself is enough of a rush, whether it’s your favorite team coming through for you even though they suck, and betting on them has never once paid off. In fact, constantly betting on that same team has cost you your wife, kids, job, and more to come. Or maybe you prefer to bet that the star player is finally going to get his head out of his ass and actually do his job! Looking at you Brock Purdy. DraftKings felt the need to up the ante and give you some real skin in the game!

The top sports betting app is giving you the opportunity to win big even if that means an entire nation goes to absolute shit! We are talking complete societal collapse of the United States, and with that world economies will tumble alongside it. With DraftKings, you can now place bets on the future of society and either display a true expression of patriotism and support for your country or come out on the other side with a leg up on the rival gangs of a dystopian underworld.

Let’s say you’re right, and the empire does come crashing down, DraftKings gives you peace of mind knowing that your winnings can be converted to any currency needed following a hostile takeover. Yen, rubles, hell we’ll pay you in salt if need be! Just placing a $5 bet earns you $200 in available bonus bets including our various prop bets associated with America’s demise such as “Who launches the first thermonuclear weapon?” and “Does the fall come from within the country?” We almost forgot to mention that every bet made automatically enters you into a drawing to win a pack of waterproof matches and a loaded gun! Get in on the action now before a new fascist regime doesn’t allow you to!

Disclaimer: Draftkings is not responsible for the downfall of any sovereign nation due to sports betting. Please bet responsibly and follow any directions from the new overlords. It’s easier this way. Gambling problem? Call 800-589-9966 if you are still allowed to.