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I’m Reserving Judgment on Gun Control Until I Hear What RoastedLibtards.USA Has to Say

There’s been a lot of talk about gun control and I’m open-minded enough to admit that both sides make compelling points. Therefore, rather than rashly take an emotionally-based stance on the issue, I’ll wait to make up my mind on gun control until I hear what the good people at RoastedLibtards.USA have to say on the matter.

Everyone has an opinion on gun control- alpha patriots, beta cucks, unarmed teachers, shooting victims, parents of shooting victims, NRA spokespeople, and the great people at who sponsor both my blog and my militia’s badmitten team. And they’re ALL valid.

That being said, as someone who is always on the lookout for bias (both conservative AND libtarded), I would just prefer to hear from someone with no agenda who I KNOW is not a cuck- someone like the great writers at RoastedLibtards.USA.

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Since I first stumbled upon their editor’s comments on the unofficial InfoWars message board (called ‘Stormfront’ for some reason), I have found RoastedLibtards.USA’s commitment to truth, fairness, and the roasting of libtards to be a reliable source of well-balanced news reporting.

At this point, why bother going to any other news organization or talking to anyone, or even just going outside to check if, in fact, liberals caused cancer to become airborne but only when spouting a liberal talking point. Why would I do that when I can just check RoastedLibtards.USA?

There are two sides to every issue and every Hard Times t-shirt:

Article by Ryan Harnedy @ArsonDaly