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I Didn’t Rescue My Dog, My Dog Rescued Me: But Also I Want You To Know I Rescued My Dog

Us rescue dog owners have a little saying: “I didn’t rescue my dog, my dog rescued me.”

It sounds simple, but it communicates two essential concepts.

1. We are so fortunate to have these dogs in our lives. They fill our days with joy, companionship, and warmth. Metaphorically speaking, these dogs saved us!
2. But, in a more literal sense, we saved these dogs. Obviously. We saved their fucking lives.

It’s so important to me that I share this message with the world. That’s why, as you may have noticed, it’s written on my T-shirt and coffee mug. Needless to say I also own the bumper sticker, which is proudly located right next to the one that declares, “You Just Got Passed By A Hybrid!”

That’s because I drive a hybrid.

My rescue dog, Rescue, is so incredibly special to me. I just love posing with him for Instagram posts, taking him for walks in the most crowded part of town, or talking about him incessantly on my many, many first dates.

In fact, I miss him so much when I’m at work that I petitioned my workplace to start a Take Your Rescue Dog To Work Day. Some of my coworkers complain that it’s dangerous, seeing as how I never bothered to train Rescue and also I guess because I’m a professional roofer. They must be cat people!

Sure, not everything is easy about owning a rescue. And, if I may say so myself, not everyone is cut out to rescue a dog: You might say we’re a special breed. Ha ha! 🙂

But sometimes I feel like I couldn’t live without Rescue. Which is really poetic when you think about it, seeing as how he would be full-on dead if it wasn’t for me.

Hey, I’m great.