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I Can’t Believe This War Is Still Going Even Though I Posted Multiple Flag Emojis Online

Well, guys, I’m honestly so shocked and upset right now. I just got another breaking news notification on my phone about the Israel-Hamas war. Ugh. Another bombing or something. U.S.-backed war crimes? Ongoing genocide? Terrorists? Something bad. I didn’t really look at the details, but it seemed pretty clear things haven’t gotten peaceful or whatever over there yet despite my best efforts.

Hello, I literally posted so many flag emojis on Instagram the other day that someone from Meta reached out and asked my to “chill.” But I can’t chill with all this unnecessary murder. I thought these emojis would make a difference, but it kind of seems worse than ever. I’m sorry, but what the fuck?

I have a lot of followers, nearly 800. I know they all saw my post and I got a ton of likes. I was all in. I put those little flags everywhere. In my Stories, in my feed, and in my bio. And then in comments everywhere on other people’s posts, too. I know. Ugh, sometimes I wish I weren’t such an empath. But seriously, it’s just SO important for us all to spread awareness. That’s why I did my part.

I can’t lie. It hasn’t all been easy. A few people did comment that maybe I should do more, like “go to a protest” or “call my reps” to urge a ceasefire. Or “donate money” to a trusted humanitarian charity providing medical care to brutally wounded children in deplorable conditions. Or “speak out” against hate crimes and misinformation and people getting unjustly fired for their views in my own country. Or at least “stop spamming” makeup influencers’ posts over and over with a bunch of flags like I’m “obnoxiously rooting for a sports team.”

Um, okay. That all sounds dumb. But I’m not giving up, and I’m not going to let the haters stop me. I’m about to go DM Buffy-Lynn the Dancing Poodle again. I got blocked for “harassment” already, so now I’m using my alt to keep asking her why she hasn’t spoken out yet. She has 2.8 million followers and just keeps dancing and barking like there’s nothing going on. She could end this war right now if only she cared enough. Her silence is frankly so pathetic.