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How To Stop Chewing Your Nails and Start Chain Smoking Cigarettes

Chewing your fingernails is a disgusting habit and there’s no better time to kick your lingering vice than right now. In fact, it’s much easier to quit than you might think. Yup, you read that correctly. You can totally stop biting your nails today! All you have to do is replace that nasty addiction with a simple pack-a-day cigarette smoking regimen and you’ll be growing out your claws in no time.

Here are some tried-and-true tips for going cold turkey on nail chewing by going ham on cigarettes.

Every time you have the urge to bite a nail, reach for a cigarette instead
This will train your brain to associate your wrong habit (biting nails) with your new therapy (Marlboros). Eventually, biting your fingernails will no longer look satisfying to you! In fact, the only thing that can satisfy you is sweet mother nicotine.

Paint your nails to hide that they are yellowing
In this case, nail polish works double-duty. Not only does it taste terrible, preventing a tragic nail-biting relapse, but it also covers up the pesky nail discoloration that comes with ripping cigs every ten minutes.

Don’t worry about the consequences
You may be thinking: is this really a good idea? Smoking can cause major health problems! Well, why the hell are you thinking about those consequences? Just don’t. Besides, the problems cigarettes cause are most likely “future you” problems. Your stubby, jagged fingernails, however, are a “present you” problem. Get your priorities in order.

Besides, it’s not like you have an oral fixation, anxious tendencies, or an addictive personality. Once you’ve fully kicked your nail-biting habit, stopping smoking will be super easy probably!