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How to Pleasure a Woman Using Only Your Devilock

Ever since the birth of the Misfits, women have been unable to resist the unquenchable sex appeal of a delicious devilock. A sharp and salacious point of hair that runs down the center of your forehead? It doesn’t get more phallic than that. It’s such a steamy symbol that some people start dripping with sweat simply at the sight of one sailing through a mosh pit. So, if you’re dabbling with this legendary punk hairstyle and want to know how to pleasure a woman using only your sexy devilock, then you’ve come to the right place. Hair gel at the ready ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a horny ride.

First off, it’s essential to note that the irresistible power of the devilock can only work its magic if the setting is right. It’s not just the sheer magnetism of the devilock that makes it so desirable, but everything it stands for: Punk Rock. Freedom. Sex. Set the mood by dimming the lights and telling your Amazon Alexa to play your “Nonstop Danzig” playlist. After all, a reminder of why the devilock is so iconic will surely up your bone game. And before anything else, remember there is nothing sexier than asking for consent before letting the devilock take your partner to Climax-town, USA.

Next, you need to prepare the devilock for the ultimate pleasure experience. It’s crucial that your hair is sculpted into a supple tip that is both sturdy and soft. You’re going to want your devilock to be versatile – ready to caress and stimulate in unexpected ways that defy space and time. Once your devilock is properly prepared, its ticklish and rugged nature will be fit to explore the body in ways your partner never thought were humanly possible. You’ll leave them craving the sensual mysteries that are hidden behind that lock of lust.

Lastly, the greatest of sexual titans understand that you must be willing to humble yourself in order to become a master. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Did your partner enjoy the slithering sensations of the devilock upon their bosom? Were they thrilled by the astronomical ways it filled every crevice of their being? These are all important questions that you cannot be shy to ask in order to reach the pinnacle of devilock performance.

Are you feeling ready to go where no man, woman, or beast has gone before? Then lube up that devilock, put your face paint on, and go forward with the confidence of a thousand wild Danzig’s.