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How To Get in the Holiday Spirit by Reminding Your Family Jesus Would Have Been a Socialist

It can be difficult to get in the holiday spirit as an adult. It can be difficult spending time with a family you relate to less and less each year. It seems impossible to recreate the same child-like joy of running down the stairs Christmas morning to see that easy bake oven nuzzled under the tree. But there is hope!

If singing carols or lying to little children about a large man entering their homes isn’t your thing, a surefire way to get in the holiday spirit is by reminding your family that Jesus—their lord and savior—would have been a socialist.

While pouring Uncle Burt his eighth eggnog of the night, remind him that Jesus’s whole thing was helping the poor and he obviously would’ve voted for Bernie. As you watch Uncle Burt’s face turn to horror, let that holiday excitement rush over you.

Sure, building gingerbread houses in your 30s might seem boring at first, but while all of your little cousins are gathered around this is the perfect time to announce to them that housing is a right and everyone deserves a home. Gingerbread or otherwise. Once your family is shuffling in from midnight mass, it will be the perfect time to remind them that Jesus healed the sick no matter their health insurance plan.

The gasps from your socially liberal/fiscally conservative relatives will light up your insides like a Christmas tree. Finally! That holiday spirit of your childhood has returned thanks to the first ever Bernie bro: Jesus H Christ.