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How To Build Your Life Around 8 Perfect Hours of Sleep Each Night, According to This Venture Capitalist That Crushes 5 Emails a Week

Are you feeling tired? Is your body failing you in strange ways? If you’re looking for the secret to youth and vitality, you’ve come to the right place!

As a venture capitalist, I spend every day half-listening to people’s problems and telling them what they’re doing wrong. If you’re wondering how I find the energy to check my email almost daily and take multiple zoom calls a week — Literally, more than one! — the answer is simple: invest in getting 8 ideal hours of sleep each night.

Here are the five changes I made that really unlocked my potential:

1. Put down your phone
Stay away from blue light by avoiding screens night. In the morning, do not check your calendar or your emails in bed. It’s important to ease into the day and reduce stress. Personally, I don’t check anything until 10am and I make sure I’m offline by 2. Anything coming in that late can be handled by my EA.

2. Mind what you eat
You brain is connected to your gut, so if you have a tendency to skip meals or force down unhealthy foods in a pinch you’re going to pay for it at night when you’re tossing and turning. Take the time each day to have well-balanced meals catered and prepared in your home. Trust me, it’s worth it.

3. Exercise regularly
Do a 45 minute workout twice a day, before and after work, with your personal trainer. For optimal healing, follow each one with a tall glass of water and a 30-minute cryo session. I also recommend booking a weekly massage to keep yourself loose.

4. Rest as hard as you work
Go on vacation, dummy! Getting away from it all is key to clearing the mind and encouraging restful sleep. Start by taking a lengthy excursion every quarter and at least two-weekend trips a month. Then, add in two periods of complete disconnect each year. One for your favorite island getaway, and one for a weekend of hard drugs and promiscuous sex on The Playa.

5. Invest in the latest sleep technology
Basketball star LeBron James reportedly spends 1.5 million on his body each year, so why can’t you? Last year I invested that same amount in my buddy’s company that is building a smart mattress that monitors your REM cycles to optimize deep sleep windows and it’s totally-life-changing! Once their company is out of beta, you’ll be able to enjoy the same luxury for under a hundred grand.