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How Music League Forced Me To Realize Everyone Else’s Music Taste Sucks

I’ve been playing a lot of Music League lately, and after this last round there’s only one conclusion I can come to: everyone else’s taste in music is just terribly god awful.

There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation as to why my friends don’t fall in line with my objectively right calls with every playlist. I should be getting first on every submission, and the only reason I can think that isn’t happening is that they just don’t know what real music is.

I almost feel sorry for other people who didn’t vote for my song in this last round, because that means that they just didn’t have the musical brainpower to understand why ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast was the best choice for ‘Underrated Songs.’ Apparently, the essay I wrote for the submission comment went entirely unheeded as well.

It’s strange too, because this isn’t the only league this has been happening in. I’ve done a couple of leagues with different friend groups, and I even joined a random league I found online as well. For some reason, I haven’t been crowned Music League King forever and always, which has left me thinking there has to be some kind of conspiracy brewing against me. It’s the only explanation for why I keep coming in dead last.

Sure, there have been times when maybe I’ve gotten it wrong once, at most twice. However, I don’t see how submitting ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ eight consecutive rounds in a row could be seen as “ruining the game.” Also just because I purposefully wait to be the last to submit and vote every round to draw out the game doesn’t mean that I should be “kicked out for being a dick.” it’s all just part of my strategy!

In fact, the only league I’ve ever done well in is the one I hosted myself, and that was because I was able to make prompts that truly let me thrive. Prompts like “only submit ‘Free Bird’ and if it’s not ‘Free Bird’ you get no votes” let me excel because I would make sure I was the first and only person to pick the correct song. Even then I didn’t get first place because apparently there’s another, more popular “Free Bird” than the one by AJJ.

My musical expression shouldn’t be constricted because other people don’t understand true music. I’m a martyr in a conformist world, and I’ll continue to submit ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ every round until I get the god-damned respect I deserve.