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Help! My Therapist Says I Have Delusions of Grandeur but He’s Just a Tiny, Insignificant Moron Who Can’t Hold a Candle to My Greatness

I’m so tired of these supposed healthcare professionals thinking that they’re qualified to judge me just because of their fancy “degrees” and industry-recognized “expertise.” How do they have the audacity to proclaim, just based on knowing me for a few thousand hours of intimate one-on-one sessions, that I believe I’m better than everyone else even though that should be plainly obvious to anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of basking in my greatness in person.

You’d think these therapists who I’ve paid a king’s ransom to over the years could just have the decency to admit that I’m perfectly sane instead of constantly raising the alarm that I have a serious “Messiah Complex” which if unchecked, and I achieve my goal of leading an army of followers to overthrow this rotten society, would very likely lead to a situation worse than Jonestown and Waco combined. Some people just love stirring up drama.

I guess haters gonna hate when they see someone like me who’s confident, determined, and who’s been sent here by the almighty Lord himself to rid this planet of the millions of morally bankrupt individuals and to replenish it with my seed, and my holy seed alone. I am the woods, I am the wind, I am the water, earth, and fire, and most importantly I am the brightest light in the universe, so why don’t these jabronis just leave me alone, sign off on my psych tests and let me and my minions cleanse this earth once and for all?

I wish therapists would stay in their lane and stick to what they know instead of trying to put down a totally well-adjusted person like me who’s only doing these sessions for personal growth and because of the court order that my freedom and ability to regain custody of my kids highly depends on.

If God hadn’t visited me in my dreams and promised that my takeover of this world was coming, I might not have had such patience with these so-called doctors. But for now I’ll play their game and tell them what they want to hear, that all humans are created equal and no one person can claim superiority over an entire species. And just when they finally think that I believe that BS, I will rise up and my destiny will finally be realized. But in a totally normal kind of way, of course.