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Heartwarming: This Young Musician Couldn’t Afford a New Guitar so His Friends Chipped in and Sent Him to Trade School

Warning: this heartwarming story will make you cry. When 28-year old singer-songwriter Mikey Delbond recently damaged his beloved Martin guitar beyond repair, he thought his music career was over. He couldn’t afford a new one so his closest pals did what any true friends would do: they chipped in and raised enough money to send him to trade school.

I am literally sobbing right now just typing this.

Seriously, what amazing friends?! In the description for the crowdfunding campaign Mikey’s friends launched last month, each of his wonderful besties explained why this was so important to them.

“We’ve always been proud of our Mikey for skipping college to pursue music,” notes his friend and local optometrist Ben Fullman. “His passion was so inspiring. Through the years I’ve faced struggles and doubts about my own career and in those times I think of Mikey and wonder when was the last time he had a meal that wasn’t comprised of expired foods. That’s what gives me the courage to stay on track with my stable career.”

Graphic designer and Mikey’s former girlfriend Jenny Colm, contributed to Mikey’s crowdfunding campaign as well. She wrote, “Helping Mikey is so important. Over the years we were together, I admired his drive and perseverance to make it in music despite the overwhelming odds like how he never moved out of Baltimore or never learned to use his pinky while playing chords. Now that his guitar is broken we can finally get him a collared shirt, a driver’s license, and if we can swing it, a visit to the dentist.”

Update: Unfortunately, Hard Style has been informed that on the way to register for classes, Mikey relapsed when he stopped by a Guitar Center and spent all his trade school money on effects pedals and strap locks. His friends report they are saddened by this but they remain hopeful as he was too high at the time to remember that he no longer owned a working guitar.