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Has Science Gone Too Far? Well… HAS IT?!

Every once in awhile scientists will make a discovery so shocking, so unbelievable, that we are left pondering whether we are living in science fact or science fiction. Often, scientific discoveries like miracle cures for impotence, or weird tricks that drive personal trainers crazy, make their way out of the pages of medical and scientific journals onto the bottom of a Huffington Post article. These discoveries often beg the question of whether science has overstepped its bounds into the realms of the ill-advised or even the unethical. We have compiled five scientific miracles that have us asking, “Has science gone too far?” And we really need someone to give us a fucking answer please.

unnamed (6)


We can only surmise that some mad scientist has used some sort of transmogrifier to meld human and waterfowl into this horrifying monstrosity. How the fuck could this be real? Will someone please clarify what is going on here and what science has to do with it, if anything? Because, holy shit, it really seems like this is too far?

unnamed (9)



We know scientists are into some gross stuff, and frankly, they can keep that to themselves. What this weird slimy thing has to do with science is beyond us. Does this even occur in nature? If so, where? Because I would very much like to avoid this abomination’s habitat. Will someone with some sort of Ph.D please tell us what the fuck this is and whether science created it?

unnamed (13)

OK, now you’re fucking with us. Ummm what the fuck, science?! Are you responsible for this? Crazy duck-human hybrid — OK, I can stomach that — because at least it’s not a threat to my existence. But THIS?! How could you think creating this was OK? The photo sort of looks like it may have been photoshopped, but we are going to err on the side of caution and say science has overstepped its bounds this time.

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unnamed (11)

Nope, nope, nope with a side of nope. We could not even be bothered to click on the link to this so we are just going to pretend it doesn’t exist, and if science has something to do with this then shame on science. SHAME.

unnamed (14)


This appears more conceptual than anything, but if this is in the pipeline, God fucking help us. Who is giving research funding for a project as maniacal as this?! Does this even constitute science or is it witchcraft? Everyone already knows dolphins want to move on land and kill us. They have decades of Sea World-related animosity just waiting for the right chance. Let’s not give them that chance, science.

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