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Feeling Too Burnt Out To Write Songs? Here’s The Same 5 Generic Tips From Every Self Help Article Repackaged Again

Are you struggling to come up with lyrics and melodies? Does a sense of dread fill your mind as you stare at the empty page? Is bong hit after bong hit of Skywalker OG Kush not getting the juices flowing, even though 60% of Leafly users said it was good for creativity? You may be suffering from creative burnout.

Just because writing songs is something you do in your downtime from your real job doesn’t mean you don’t need to recharge from time to time! To help you do that, here is the same basic-ass self help advice in every self care article slightly re-tooled through the lens of you, our musically interested demographic.

We hope this will be helpful, and know for an empirical fact that it will not be.

Drink water

You need water to survive, so you should drink some! Staying alive is a crucial part of the creative process, so you’re going to wanna do it. Already drinking enough water to sustain your vital organs? Drink MORE water! It will make you have to pee, but it also detoxifies your kidneys and shit. Plus who knows, maybe water will inspire you! TLC and Van Morrison both wrote a song about water, so why not you?

Did you know that brain need sleep now or no more work good? It’s true! Brain need rest like body but with thinking, so shut eyes go night night now and wake up smart! If no good at sleepy try meditate or drug. Also dream journal, for song words!

Read books
Your brain needs words the way your body needs food, so if you want to promote creativity there’s no better solution than cracking open a book! Did you know that? Of course you did! You have essentially read this basic-ass list countless times. Are you going to do anything about it? Probably not!

Fuckin eat better
Like greens and shit, you know the drill. You’ve probably told yourself you’re going to eat better a million times, maybe to lose weight, maybe to elevate your mood. This time, tell yourself you’re doing it for creativity before not doing it.

Exercise and shit
Yup, we’ve hit the part of the self-help article where you generally tap out — the part about exercising. To tie it back to songwriting, uhm, Born to Run is a song. Or whatever. You took one look at that “E” word and closed the tab anyways, who gives a fuck?