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Everyone Who Voted for Trump Who Isn’t My Dad Is Dead to Me

Right now I am disgusted, heartbroken, and terrified for my country. I never thought Donald Trump would ACTUALLY become president. I can’t believe this gigantic step back for our nation happened. So let me make something incredibly clear: if you voted for that orange monster you are DEAD to me, unless you are my dad.

Jesus Christ people, the KKK endorsed him! How could anyone in their right mind vote for him? A vote for Trump is a vote for hatred, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. There’s no defense for that, unless you are my father. Seriously, if you voted for him and didn’t also shoot me into my mom’s egg 25 years ago, you might as well throw yourself off a bridge.

In the past 24 hours, not only have we lost the chance of electing our first female president, but we also took one big, giant step toward becoming a dystopian wasteland. I’m trying to take solace in the fact that he lost the popular vote but HE STILL GOT 59,611,678 votes. Well, 59,622,677 if you don’t count my dad, who I promise is a really nice guy who just grew up in a different time and place and I’m sure doesn’t actually agree with everything Donald Trump says. He’s family, you know? And yeah my aunts, uncles, and maybe even cousins who voted Trump are definitely NOT getting Christmas cards this year, but I mean I can’t just stop talking to my dad.

Seriously America, I thought we were better than this. Electing a racist reality-tv star who brags about sexual assault!? Honestly that’s not even the tip of the iceberg as to why he’s already shaping up to be the worst president ever. The only cure for this sickness in our nation is if we lobotomize every single worthless stain of a human being that actually voted for that dangerous demagogue, besides the man who raised me. You don’t want to use your brain, then you don’t deserve it (except dad).

I’m sick to my stomach.

So take this as a call to action: if you voted for Trump and we’re friends on Facebook, delete me now. If you voted for Trump and consider me a friend, we aren’t.

You are dead to me.

There is no excuse.

Unless you pay my rent and took me to my first baseball game.

No excuse. #NotMyPresident