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Embarrassing! We Saw Rammstein Shopping for New Leather Butt Straps With Their Mom at the Mall

Dude! I was at the mall getting a new pair of JNCOs and some sick fingerless gloves from Hot Topic, and I saw those dorky Rammstein brothers trying on new leather butt straps with their friggin mommy! Can you believe it? I spit Orange Julius all over myself. It was so funny!

Du hast to be seen shopping for that stuff with your mom dude? I mean I gotta admit, the Rammsteins were totally killing the “every part of my ass is out except for my crack and the literal hole like I’m at an industrial cowboy sex show” look but that’s beside the point.

I just want to state the obvious and say letting your mom whip your asscheeks with her pocket cat-o-nine-tails right there in Macy’s is fucking weird.

Even worse, they just kept trying to unsnap each other’s pants a bunch and kept letting their giant, semi-hard dicks hang out while they tried on more of the exact same fetish gear right in front of the changing room. Meanwhile, their mom was dry humping the sweater rack and shouting what felt like encouragement at them. What a freak show!

Here’s the bogus part: I took pictures of them trying on all that weird shit with their mom and I got suspended! All I wanted to do was ridicule the foreign kids for their weird sexual freedom!

Oh and get this, I heard from my buddy Fieldy that their mom totally flipped on the cashier at Hot Topic! She got all mad because the poor girl behind the counter didn’t know whether or not the industrial face masks were medical grade, can you believe it? Said she wanted to “make sure her boys were safe.” That’s so embarrassing! Know wonder Ramstein is so fucked up.