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Eat Metal: 5 Fast Food Combos That Add up to $6.66

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for that perfect pre-show meal. The kind of order that says, “I really hate my body, but I also LOVE metal.” So, to help you make the right (read: metal) choice, we’ve compiled the top 5 fast food combos that add up to $6.66.

1. Wendy’s #1 Combo With a Dollar-Menu Frosty

A Black Sabbath-level classic. The No. 1 at Wendy’s features a delectable quarter-pounder with cheese, fries, and a drink for $5.67, and when you throw on a Frosty from the 99-cent menu, your cashier will be impressed, and scared, that you just made The Order of the Beast.

2. Taco Bell’s Fiesta Taco Salad With a 37 Cent Tip

Metal is all about smashing up the old to build the new, and the same could be said for Taco Bell’s Fiesta Taco Salad. Spicy carne asada, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes combine in a fresh tortilla bowl that, with a 37 cent tip, tells the world you’re the metalest person at this Taco Bell, no doubt!

3. 30.28% of KFC’s 12-Piece Meal Deal

Have two other friends who are into fast food, but are slightly less metal than you? Consider splitting the KFC 12-piece meal deal. At $21.99 it’s a real bargain, and if you only eat 30.28% of it you’re eating $6.66 worth of fuel for the ultimate metal experience: schilling out your demo CD to random people you meet outside the venue.

4. 10 Items From the Burger King Dollar Menu, $3.34 of Which You Will Pay for Later

There’s nothing more metal than a great deal, and Burger King’s dollar menu has so many great items it will knock your dick off. Moreover, if you order 10 items, then say you’ll pay $3.34 later, you can pay $6.66 and let the cashier, prep cook, assistant manager, manager, and people who behind you line know you’re metal as hell. This one might cause a bit of commotion with the BK staff, best to try it when Jeremy is working, Jeremy is cool. If Jeremy isn’t working, patiently explain for the 12th time that you WILL pay the full amount, just after you’ve paid and Instagrammed yourself paying $6.66. \m/

5. Big Mac Meal From McDonald’s After You Summon Memnoch and Command Him to Change the Price

Normally the Big Mac Meal from Micky D’s is $5.99, however if you’ve got some extra cash, the salt from the tears of a thousand angels, and chalk from the ashes of the Temple of Yog-Sothoth, you can summon the demon Memnoch, Duke of Hell and Demon of Values, to change the price to $6.66. It even works in the drive-thru!