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Drummer Using Little Bundles of Sticks Must Know Something we Don’t

Look at that drummer. She just put down her regular sticks and picked up two little bundles of kebab skewers. What’s she know that we don’t? There must be something happening in this next song that regular sticks just can’t do. What could it possibly be? Do different songs need different sticks? Has she been swapping out sticks all night and I’ve just missed it?

They’re starting now. OK, it sounds more or less like the last song. Do the drums sound different? What did they even sound like before? It still pretty much sounds like she’s hitting drums. Can everyone else hear the difference? Am I colorblind, but for drum sounds?

She just played a whole solo and it sounded like the breakdown in the last song. The whole crowd’s going nuts for it. Those assholes can’t tell the difference. No one can. Do they think they’re better than me? What, you got some kinda Ph.D. in drum sticks?

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That’s unfair. I’m sorry, crowd. It’s not your fault she chose to do that. Maybe you get more control with a bunch of little sticks? What does “control” mean here? I hear music people say that all the time. “Oh man, the control on these strings is wild! Listen to that sustain!” It sounds like a fuckin’ guitar, buddy.

Maybe this guy next to me knows. I should ask him. No, it’s weird to shout over the band to ask the dude next to you about the drummer’s sticks. I’ll just wait until after the show and Google it. Why would she do this to me? You live your whole life, you know? You know what a drumstick looks like. Sometimes jazz people use the little metal fans, but otherwise a stick is a stick, right? Why’d she do this, and why’s she hiding it from me?

Article by David Tyler @david_d_tyler

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