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Does Visiting My Parents for Thanksgiving Make Me a Class Traitor?

This month, millions of Americans will travel to see their families for Thanksgiving. But for those of us on the front lines in the war against capitalism, the trip home may present a moral dilemma worse than the occasional trip to Whole Foods for gluten-free breadcrumbs.

Does coming home and breaking bread with the capitalist pig collective that is my family make me a class traitor?

Why should I reward two bourgeoisie landowners by participating in some ritualistic Norman Rockwell wet dream that does nothing but perpetuates the status quo?

On one hand, my parents have shown an openness to the redistribution of wealth by paying my rent for the past six years. However, their wealth was built by an exploited proletariat to which I now belong, so I’m basically paying my own rent, and I need to show solidarity with my fellow laborers.

Unfortunately, the issue is not entirely black and white. While it may be inexcusable to continue supporting the system of patriarchal and matriarchal oppression that is Thanksgiving, I do know that my mom will probably take me Black Friday shopping, so I could potentially walk away from this visit with a cartload of fresh Carhartt gear. Again, the correct path is unclear.

Sure my parents made their money off the backs of the working class, but my mom’s sausage walnut stuffing is incredible. In a way, I wouldn’t just be eating it for myself, but for oppressed multitudes around the world who don’t have the recipe or have access to fresh thyme leaves.

So is it a betrayal of your new blue collar roots to return to your childhood home this holiday season? Ultimately, everyone has to make their own choices. Personally, I’ll be going home for Thanksgiving, but only because my mom scheduled me for a dentist appointment and I only have another year on her insurance. Stay strong.