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Can Someone Please Let My Son Into Their Crew?

I don’t know exactly who I should talk to about this so I’m reaching out the only way I know how. Can anyone here help me get my son into one of these hardcore crews he and his friends are always going on about?

My son really likes these crews and it would mean a lot to him if some of you boys would let him into one of them. He follows all you crew members on Instagram and I can tell he looks up to you.

My son is great. I know he might not be as big as the rest of you guys but he’s sure got a big heart! Plus he’s a really fast learner and wants to improve. He taught himself the guitar and he eats a lot so he’ll probably be plenty husky soon. He even stood with his arms crossed for our family Christmas card and I know how much you young men love that. I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be breaking noses and cracking skulls outside the venue at the same level as you boys in no time!

All he needs is a chance. I checked all over the web — I even asked Jeeves  but I found nothing about joining crews. I couldn’t find an information packet about getting started or anything.

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Does anyone know where I can contact them a crew on behalf of my son?

It would be a dream come true for my son if someone let him into their crew. And once again, he’s a great kid that any crew would be lucky to call their own. So please, if you can help me get my son into a hardcore crew I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

One more thing, I just hope that if he does get in he doesn’t ruin his perfect skin with tattoos to fit in with you boys. They aren’t a requirement, are they?