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At Least My Uncle Died Doing What He Loved: Listening to Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Advice

Covid has killed over 700 thousand Americans since the beginning of 2020. Unfortunately, my beloved uncle Lee became another statistic last night. I appreciate the condolences but for what it’s worth, my family and I can take solace in the fact that we know Lee died doing what he loved more than anything in the world: listening to Joe Rogan’s vaccine advice.

Joe Rogan said that healthy people didn’t need to worry about coronavirus since “no brain on ‘Alpha Brain’ is beta enough to die of Covid.” As someone who identifies as a free thinker and spends a significant amount of his time giving his thoughts on mixed martial arts, Mr. Rogan spoke to every aspect of uncle Lee’s identity. Naturally, uncle Lee gravitated towards his advice. Particularly pertaining to Covid, yet never regarding diet or fitness.

Life sure won’t be the same without Lee’s daily Facebook post calling out Big Pharma for canceling freedom. But we are at peace knowing that his last thoughts were probably, “Woah, that is one crazy fact about monkeys.” Uncle Lee always loved monkey facts.

Lee is survived by two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, none of which are vaccinated. They were all in the room during his final moments, mostly because they all happened to be treated at the same hospital.

Each member of his family played different JRE episodes on their phones, synced up so that Joe says, “it’s entirely possible” in unison with himself at the precise moment of death. After his passing, the family went to the hospital cafeteria for a 21 Black Rifle Coffee Company salute. It’s what uncle Lee would have wanted.