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7 Habits of Highly Addicted People

In the faced-paced world of today most folks want to become addicted to something, but just don’t know where to start. Luckily, when you look at the most addicted among us, patterns emerge.

After interviewing the country’s most successful criminals, rock musicians, and well-off suburban moms, I’ve found seven common habits the most addictive people have in common:

1. They Get Addicted

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. This might seem obvious to some but this first habit isn’t about “just try crystal meth and the rest will follow.” This is about building the addictive mindset—bringing addiction into everything you do. Buy $200 in scratch-off tickets. Exercise until your toenails fall off. You will see a trillion ways to be a highly addicted person once you open your mind this way.

2. They Begin With Addiction In Mind

Real addicts don’t ask, “how will this make me feel?” They ask, “will I compulsively need this several hours from now?” Know the difference.

3. They Put Addiction First

Wanna-be addicts will never make it if they let things like family and friends get in the way. The world’s most highly addicted people put their addiction before anything and anyone else. That’s what makes them great.

4. They Are High School Football Quarterbacks Or Something So Nobody Expects It

This is where true mastery comes in. The best addicts are the prom kings and queens, sports stars, gifted kids, etc. They’re just better at it.

5. They Disappear From The Party For A Few Minutes And Come Back Doing Weird Scratches On Their Neck

Enough said. Can you incorporate this into your lifestyle?

6. They Synergize

What would an addiction be without the addict themselves? It is truly the interplay of “addict” and “addictive” that makes for a powerful addiction. Wire the pieces together properly and you will become a veritable addiction assembly line complete with compulsive, highly-dependent robot arms.

7. They Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re like me, you click on a listicle like this one hoping for easy answers. Unfortunately, life is rarely that easy.

The most important habit of highly addicted people is the grit to keep the addiction going with hard practice. Remember: even the most devoted junkie was once a know-nothing kid just trying to fit in with his older brother’s friends. It’s a grind for everyone, so I suggest you embrace it.